the collage i posted above is a preview of my unfinished works. i have this habit of not finishing what i started. whether i’ve forgotten about it, i’ve change my feelings over what i’m working on or i was just too lazy to finished it. really shows a lot of negativity on my character, and that’s the reason why i’m posting it! so whenever i see my blog, it will serve as a reminder that i need to start on working on each one of them and hopefully finish every stock psd that i have. lalalalaaaa   

since i have such plenty of time to waste, i started working on a new banner for my blog..  

06.28.12 @ 06:42

With the combination of my internship program and requirements in school, i don’t really have the time to make several posts. i’ll try to posts my works if ever i’m proud of them, especially now that i’m a bit excited with one of our requirements in internet marketing; A blog site. though i really am not into blogging. (talaga? e ano to?) well personally i would love to have a blogsite but i think i would be pretty lazy to update it and i’m not really sure if my awesome life would meet the requirements of an interesting blog. so given that it is a requirement, i’ll try my best to fill the contents of my blogging site with stuff well, i do or i wish to do.